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ZIP Code Pasaje in El Oro - Ecuador

The parish Pasaje, canton Pasaje belongs to El Oro province and has 419 differents streets. You can find the postal code looking the areas in the map below, filtering by street or let our system find your zip code based on your location.

Map of the postal zone of Pasaje, Pasaje - El Oro

Pasaje in El Oro province in Ecuador.
Delimited zone for the canton Pasaje.

Postal Codes of Pasaje

ZIP Code Parish Canton Province
070101 Pasaje Pasaje El Oro
070102 Pasaje Pasaje El Oro
070103 Pasaje Pasaje El Oro
070104 Pasaje Pasaje El Oro
070105 Pasaje Pasaje El Oro

Streets of Pasaje

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Canton Parish Street
Pasaje Pasaje Calle 04-07
Pasaje Pasaje Calle 1
Pasaje Pasaje Calle 1 de Noviembre
Pasaje Pasaje Calle 10
Pasaje Pasaje Calle 10-A
Pasaje Pasaje Calle 10 de Agosto
Pasaje Pasaje Calle 11
Pasaje Pasaje Calle 12
Pasaje Pasaje Calle 13
Pasaje Pasaje Calle 14

ZIP Code Pasaje

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ZIP Code El Oro

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Ecuador postcode

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Code of Administrative Political Division of the Parish Pasaje

According to the Codification Scheme of the Political Administrative Division of the Country the parish Pasaje has the code 070950 (ATTENTION: it is not your postal code).
- The first two codes from the left are assigned to the province code (for the province of El Oro is 07).
- Code 01 is not the case is assigned to the canton (Pasaje), whose main city is also provincial capital.
- Within each canton are codified the urban parishes in alphabetical order from 01 to 49, assigning the 50 to the cantonal head.
- The rural parishes are ordered alphabetically and assigned the respective code from 51 to 99 (not a rural parish).