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Lote 5 ZIP Code, Misiones

The town Lote 5 belongs to Misiones province and its ZIP Code is 3318. The CPA is N3322XAN.The same ZIP Code applies to other towns. You can also scroll down to see the postal code zone in the map.

Province Town ZIP Code CPA Phone Code
Misiones Bonpland Norte 3318 N3308XAL
Misiones Colonia Martires 3318 N3308XAG
Misiones Lote 5 3318 N3322XAN

Extended ZIP Code for Lote 5 - Argentina

There is only one CPA for Lote 5 in Misiones province and it is N3322XAN

Which is the ZIP Code for Lote 5?

The ZIP Code for Lote 5 in Misiones is 3318

Argentina ZIP Code

There are two types of postal codes in use in Argentina. The oldest 4-digit code still in use and the Argentine Postal Code (CPA). Since 1998 Correo Argentino is the entity responsible for maintaining, updating and incorporating into the Argentine Postal Code database of all localities, streets and heights existing in the territory of the Argentine Republic. The four digits that identify the locality are mostly the numbering that was previously used. Those localities with less than 500 inhabitants have a single CPA.

Misiones ZIP Code

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