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ZIP Code Locality Páramo in Chapinero, Bogotá

It is a Urbano ZIP Code type and belongs to the zone located between Via la Calera at north and Limite Urbano south, M. la Calera y Limite Urbano east and Limite Urbano west. The ZIP Code assigned to Páramo from Chapinero is 110211.

This same postcode also applies to the neighborhoods: La Esperanza, Páramo, Páramo I, Páramo II, Páramo Urbano, Páramo Urbano III, San Isidro, San Isidro Rural, San Luis Alatos del Cabo.

Location of Páramo (Chapinero), Bogotá

ZIP Code Locality Páramo in Chapinero, Bogotá

In the image above you can see the image of the neighborhoodPáramo, located inChapinero. The boundaries of the neighborhood (in red in the previous image) have been extracted based on the maps made available by the local mayor's office. The central coordinates of the neighborhood are -74.027384 (longitude) and 4.672683 (latitude).

Which is the ZIP Code Páramo in Chapinero?

The ZIP Code from locality Páramo in Chapinero is 110211.

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Which city the ZIP Code 110211 belongs to?

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Chapinero phone code

Colombia phone code is +57 and the department area code for Bogotá is 1. To make a call from outside, you must dial +57 1 phone number.