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ZIP Code Neighborhood Cabecera Municipal, La Primavera

The neighborhood Cabecera Municipal (La Primavera) located at Vichada has 2 distinct ZIP Codes. Below we list all the ZIP Codes from La Primavera according to its geographics limits.

This same postcode also applies to the veredas: .

ZIP Code norte limit south limit east limit west limit
992001 Postcode Cl 1 Cl 13 Kr 13 Kr 4
992001 Postcode Municipio Paz de Ariporo Municipio Cumaribo Vía Sta. Barbá.-Cñ. Bravo y Sendero Vía la Primavera-Muriva y Sendero

Location of Cabecera Municipal (La Primavera), Vichada

ZIP Code Neighborhood Cabecera Municipal, La Primavera

Which is the ZIP Code Cabecera Municipal in La Primavera?

The ZIP Code from neighborhood Cabecera Municipal in La Primavera is 992001 or 992017. You should check in the map what Postcode applies to the address you are looking for.

Vichada ZIP Code

Check out the list for Vichada ZIP Code.

Which city the ZIP Code 992001 belongs to?

Check the city list that also has the 992001 ZIP Code.

La Primavera phone code

Colombia phone code is +57 and the department area code for Vichada is 8. To make a call from outside, you must dial +57 8 phone number.