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ZIP Code Barrio San Antonio, Tlalixtac de Cabrera - Oaxaca

There is more than one Barrio San Antonio in Oaxaca. Below we list all the ZIP Code for Barrio San Antonio according to the its municipalities.

ZIP Code Asentamiento Municipality State Type
68270 Barrio San Antonio Tlalixtac de Cabrera Oaxaca Rural
68514 Barrio San Antonio Santa María Chilchotla Oaxaca Rural
69150 Barrio San Antonio Guadalupe de Ramírez Oaxaca Rural
70110 Barrio San Antonio Ciudad Ixtepec Oaxaca Semiurbano
70760 Barrio San Antonio Santo Domingo Tehuantepec Oaxaca Urbano
71200 Barrio San Antonio Zimatlán de Álvarez Oaxaca Rural
71266 Barrio San Antonio San Pablo Huixtepec Oaxaca Rural
71268 Barrio San Antonio San Pablo Huixtepec Oaxaca Rural
71366 Barrio San Antonio Santa Cruz Zenzontepec Oaxaca Rural
71960 Barrio San Antonio Santos Reyes Nopala Oaxaca Urbano

The postcode in Mexico

The Postal Codes National Catalog is prepared by the Mexican Postal Service and the postal code has 5 digits, depending on the country area. The first two digits identify the state or part of it. In the case of Tlalixtac de Cabrera the Zip Code range of the Oaxaca state is 68 a 71. To send letters or packages to Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Oaxaca you must always use the five-digit postal code.

Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Oaxaca phone code

The local area phone code is

ZIP Code Oaxaca

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Which city does the ZIP Code 68270 belongs to?

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