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ZIP Code Nuevo Morelos, Tamaulipas (Tamps.)

The municipality of Nuevo Morelos is located in the Tamaulipas state and has 4 different ZIP Codes. Below we list all the ZIP Codes for Nuevo Morelos.

ZIP Code Asentamiento Municipality State Type
89970 Pueblo Nuevo Morelos Nuevo Morelos Tamaulipas Rural
89970 Ejido Santa Cruz del Toro Nuevo Morelos Tamaulipas Rural
89970 Colonia Vivamos Mejor Nuevo Morelos Tamaulipas Urbano
89970 Colonia Del Sol Nuevo Morelos Tamaulipas Urbano

The postcode in Mexico

The Postal Codes National Catalog is prepared by the Mexican Postal Service and the postal code has 5 digits, depending on the country area. The first two digits identify the state or part of it. In the case of Nuevo Morelos the Zip Code range of the Tamaulipas state is 87 a 89. To send letters or packages to Nuevo Morelos, Tamaulipas you must always use the five-digit postal code.

Nuevo Morelos, Tamaulipas phone code

The local area phone code is 482

ZIP Code Tamaulipas

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