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Tosagua, Manabí ZIP Code - Ecuador

The canton Tosagua is located at Manabí province and has 5 códigos postais differente zip codes in its differente 3 parishs. You must choose one parroquia below to find out the assigned ZIP Code.


Location of canton Tosagua, Manabí

Tosagua in Manabí province in Ecuador.
Delimited zone for the canton Tosagua.

Postal Codes of Tosagua

ZIP Code Parish Canton Province
131205 Angel Pedro Giler (La Estancilla) Tosagua Manabí
131205 Bachillero Tosagua Manabí
131103 Tosagua Tosagua Manabí
131203 Tosagua Tosagua Manabí
131204 Tosagua Tosagua Manabí

ZIP Code Manabí

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