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ZIP Code Curibaya, Candarave/Tacna in Peru

The district Curibaya, province of Candarave in Tacna has an unique ZIP Code (23480). All the localities or cities in this district has the same ZIP Code. You can click in any of the localities below to see the area covered by this ZIP Code in the map.

ZIP codes from Curibaya

ZIP Code Centro Poblado District Province Department
23480 Anexo Paquiña Curibaya Candarave Tacna
23480 Curibaya Curibaya Candarave Tacna
23480 Curibaya Pampa Curibaya Candarave Tacna
23480 Laguna Aricota Curibaya Candarave Tacna
23480 Padre Cucho Curibaya Candarave Tacna
23480 Totorales Curibaya Candarave Tacna

Curibaya phone code

Peru phone code is +57 and the department area code for Tacna is 52. To make a call from outside, you must dial +57 52 phone number

Curibaya data

Curibaya is a peruvian district located in the province of Candarave, department Tacna. The district capital is the city of Curibaya. It has a population of 180 inhabitants and an area of 113 square kilometers

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Which city the ZIP Code 23480 belongs to?

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