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Peru ZIP Code

In this platform we seek to encourage the use of the postal code in Peru. You can navigate through departments, then through provinces and districts and finally through populated centers until you find the postal code.

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The postal code in Peru

Since 2017 Peru has a new National Postal Code. This will allow shipments to arrive correctly and in a timely manner to each place avoiding shipping errors for homonymous districts.

Peru has 2,670 postal codes in 210 postal areas distributed in the 25 regions, covering 98,011 population centers or localities.

The postal code is composed of five digits. The first two digits represent the postal department or region; the third digit represents the postal area number; and the last two digits represent the district, locality, populated center or urban sector.

During the limitation study of postal areas, the Ministry of Transport and Communications took into account factors such as population density, access roads, geographic features, among other factors.


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