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ZIP Code Providence County in Rhode Island - United States

The Providence county has 38 differents ZIP Codes. Check the map below to check your ZIP Code.

ZIP Code Estimated Population Densidad Fuso horario
Albion 02802 723 1.428 hab/km2 America/New_York
Chepachet 02814 7.901 68 hab/km2 America/New_York
Clayville 02815 367 34 hab/km2 America/New_York
Foster 02825 5.768 41 hab/km2 America/New_York
Glendale 02826 418 65 hab/km2 America/New_York
Greenville 02828 7.592 614 hab/km2 America/New_York
Harrisville 02830 6.255 125 hab/km2 America/New_York

Postal Zone of Providence county in Rhode Island

ZIP Code Providence County in Rhode Island - United States

What is the Providence county, Rhode Island FIP code?

The FIP code for Providence county is 44007. The Federal Information Processing Standard Publication (FIPS 6-4) is a five-digit Federal Information Processing Standards code which uniquely identified counties and county equivalents in the United States, certain U.S. possessions, and certain freely associated states.

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